Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aaaaaand KERBLAM!

So recently I discovered a new word, Kerblam. Yes, I know it's awesome, and yes, I know it's not in the dictionary, but guess what! KERBLAM!!! The word is (according to Wiktionary) A Verb that means "to explode"
But if you ask stupid people, they will say it is not a word (my apologies to all the smart people who say it's not.)

So on February 11th, KA is hosting a Valentines Dinner Fundraiser (With a special appearence of Rudolph Reisenweber!) For this fundraiser, I have been asked to play background piano music, everybody knows I would have played Muse had it been appropriate to fit the occasion, but, unfortunately, it doesn't. And so I am confused as to what I should play, does anyone have any requests? Ange said something soft and romantic, but I don't know if I know anything like that except for stuff I make up late at night while improvising. And so what do I do? I feel overcome with responsibility... Which obviously means that I have great power.....

Aaaaaaaaand... the Valentines dinner goes KERBLAM!

I found this really cool techno cover of Bend and Break by Keane:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

uber long tag

5 Random Things About Myself:
1. Math is easily one of my favorite school subjects
2. The First time I ever danced was last night
3. I love music!!!
4. I rarely get comments on my blog, even though I check quite often...
5. I don't know if I will ever dance the Margai Hoy whatever dance EVER again...

5 strange Things About Myself:
1. I like to twist paper-clips into little music-box thingies
2. I almost always carry a pen or pencil
3. I am dangerous with a pen
4. I have stabbed people with pens
5. I am gonna get some gum...

5 Things On My Dresser:
1. A keyboard
2. A stain-glass guitar
3. A Suit Jackert
4. A Lamborghini poster
5. Probably a piece of paper

5 Of Your Best Friends:
1.  Ryan
2. Daniel
3. Tim
4. Jonny
5.  hmmm..... probably Elisa or Shay

5 Things You Love To Do:
1. Play Piano
2. Play Guitar
3. Sing
4. Listen to music.
5. Read

5 People You Are Tagging:
I'm not tagging Five people....

1. What was the highlight of your life?I Dooon't knooooww....
2. Who’s truck were you in last? My Dad's
3. When is the next time you will kiss someone? Probably in 10 years or so...
4. What colors are you wearing? Blue, blue, blue, and white, and Dark blue
5. How long is your hair? Quite short...
6. Who do you have a crush on? ........
7. Last thing you ate? A sandwich
8. Last thing you drank? A glass of Malk
9. Where did u sleep last night? On my bed
10. Are you happy right now? Yes
11. What did you say last? Dang It! I lost the Game!
12. Where is your phone? In my room.
13. What was the last museum  you went to? I have not gone to a museum in a long time, I don't remember...
14. What color are your eyes? Dark Brown
15. Who came over last? Josiah
16. When was the last time your heart was broken? My FOOT was probably broken in the Margai Hoy whatever dance
17. Who/what do you hate/dislike? People who are the cause of trouble that get other people punished
18. What are you listening to? keyboard tapping, and My humming of B.Y.O.B.
19.If u could do one thing right now, what would it be? hmmm.... interesting, very interesting.... probably redo the Grand March dance without messing up...
20. What is your favorite smell? no Idea....
21. Who makes you the most happy? My friends
22. What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping... listening to Breaking Benjamin...
23. Are you left handed? No
24. Have you ever liked one of your brother/sister’s friends? Depends on the type of "liked"
25. What is the last Alcoholic beverage you had? Wine (communion)
26. When is your b-day? September 18th
27. Who was the last person to text you? I.... don't text....
28.When was the last time you jumped in a swimming pool? Ryan's birthday party
29. Where was the last place you went shopping? I don't remember.... Fred Meyer
30. How do you feel about your hair right now?Oh, you're funny...
31. Do you have any expensive jewelry? Me??? Why, No....
32. AIM or MSN?    ?
33. Where does most of your family live? In America/Holland
34. Are you an older child or do you have siblings? HA

35. Name 10 of your favorite songs!
1) BYOB - System of a Down
2)  There There - Radiohead
3)  Apocalypse Please - MUSE
4)  Hysteria - MUSE
5)  One more Night Stand - A Weather
6)  House of Cards - Radiohead
7) Bodysnatchers - Radiohead
8) I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
9) Time is Running Out - MUSE
10) Oh My Stars - A Weather

36. What did you think when you got up? gah.... My foot still hurts....
37. Do you drink beer? not really....
38. Facebook or myspace? Facebook
39. Do you have T-Moblie?no
40. What is your favorite subject? Math!41. What kind of boy/girl do you fall 4? Hah! ME? ......     .... no comment
42. Do you have any talents? AH Yes
43. Have you ever been IN a wedding?  in a wedding? I was once a ringbearer a long time ago
44. Do you have kids?  no
45. Did you take a nap today? uhh, no
46. Ever met someone famous? I once saw George Clooney, But everyone says I must have seen someone else that looked like him
47. Do you want to be famous? Yes.
48. Are u multi-tasking right now? Oh-hoho (stare)
49. Do you think you could handle being in the millitary? Probably, but I don't really want to BE in the military
50. What is your favorite color? hmm.... Red..... Pink?..... no.... Orange!.... no.......... Purple!...... maybe....
51. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?No
52. What are you doing today? cleaning the house for Parish tomorrow, then maybe watching Mulan or Psych...
53. Have you ever been gambling? define "gambling"... 
54. What’s your pets name?It's not my pet, but we have two cats: Sanka and Purrsia
55. Do you miss anyone right now? not really...
56. One book you’ve read over and over? probably the Harry Potter series
57. Do you have a favorite cartoon? no....
58. Last thing you cooked?A Hot Pocket
59. Last time you were sick? A few days ago
60. Last person you fell 4?what the heck is with these questions?!?
61. Do you think anyone will re-post this? I doubt it, BuT. People had better comment!!!
62. Who are you gonna tag?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pt. 3 of Ch. 1: "Clubs and Hammers"

I am sorry that it took so long to post this, I haven't been keeping up in the blogging world. But you should be excited for this! Why? Because this is the final part of Chapter One!!! and although shorter than normal parts, here it is:

                                                                              Pt. 3
                  He was content at not being locked up, but was he? He was greatly perturbed that over the years, none of his old friends came to retrieve him. It made him wonder if he had ever really been loved at all. But, strangely enough, he found more friendship at the mining camp with the me much older than he, than anywhere else with boys his age.There, at the mining camp, there was one man he grew to be close friends with, his name was Mike. He was tall, ambitious, and hardly ever slouched. Since his house had much extra space, he welcomed Josiah in to live with him. Since Josiah was living with him, Mike also took the liberty so as to drive him to work each morning.
                  Josiah's day was long and schedule tight, he worked from 6:00 am. to 6:45 pm. and hardly had any time for other activities. But one day it just so happened that Mike left near halfway through the day to do another side-hand job. He said he would only be gone a few hours, but 7:00 came and went and there was still no sign of Mike. So Josiah started walking home, expecting to find Mike on the couch asleep, and he would have forgiven Mike for forgetting him, but something much different happened. On the walk home, he found a car crashed into a ditch, one that looked suspiciously like Mike's, and sure enough, when he walked closer, there was Mike in the driver's seat, dead. Josiah would have proclaimed this an accident had it not been for the bullet hole through his chest, now arose the question. Who killed Mike?