Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lively Tuesday (plus a new twist!)

      Why is it that conversations through a chat-box are, more often than not, a whole lot different from a physical, person to person conversation? It might be just me, but really, I've been told that I talk differently on the computer, rather than face to face. It seems easier for me though, strangely enough. I have more time to think out what I'm going to say before I say it.

School's been going for about 5 weeks now, and I believe I've put up 2 posts. This is ridiculous. That's why you've gotta check out this guy. He's posted a total of 11 times in the past few weeks of school, and he's a senior! Gotta give him some waffle points.....

As it is, indeed, a lively Tuesday, I shall try to make this lively! Hahaha! Beat that, anonymous dude with a cape! Wait..... (If ever DJ Wilson ever reads this post, the anonymous dude with a cape is not you.)

Waffle points... Interesting... I'll try to do something with that..... Five Waffle points to whoever can tell me the first and last name of whoever wrote this:

This Meerschaum pipe, it’s more than it seems
I give it my all, and puff out my dreams
They seem to be all jumbled, messy and confused
But it’s a magnificent thing.

I'm not quite sure what the whole waffle points thing is.... But it made the post that much more lively, didn't it? 

Well. Anyways. The 21st of October is a Costume Fundraiser Dance for KA that wasn't originally a fundraiser, nor was it for KA. Upsetting, the changes.... But anyways, it's at the church, but Exodus decided to have it's board game night on the same night as the dance. So now there's competition. I'm thinking Exodus is gonna win, just because you don't have to pay to get in.... Darn Exodus. I was hoping for a successful dance. Anyways, happy surprise about that dance, I've been given the chance to put together most of the music for it, so it should be awesome. Don't worry, it's not going to be just Breaking Benjamin song after Breaking Benjamin song. As awesome as that would be, it wouldn't work for dancing. Not to mention that neither Shay (nor the school) would allow it. Sad Face. Oh darn. So I put in more awesome music that isn't hard rock. So If You know me to be obsessed with heavy rock, come to the dance, and I will prove you wrong. Also, there are a few songs that remain constant. In fact, there's only a few songs that I changed.

So it turns out that Pomplamoose is coming to do a show in Portland for only $14-$16, but they're playing at a 21+ venue.... why oh why do you break my heart so, Pomplamoose?

And once again, I am left without anything left to say. So, since this should be longer, I'm going to do something new. This guy inspired me to write again with his three paragraphs of his story. So I'm going to do an improv kickoff of a story. I am then going to put up three options of where the story should go in a poll, and whichever gets the most votes will be the continuation of the story. I'm going to try to keep doing this 'improv story' in segments, on Wednesdays or Thursdays of every week. So here it begins:

Chapter 1:
Section 1: 

      5...4...3...2...1... A great blast shook the floor as the train tracks that ran over 12th street blew sky high. Cynthia Bernard awoke from where she slept, four blocks away. She quickly glanced at the clock before she proceeded to quickly jump from her bed to see what was going on. The clock read 3:28am. For being as early as it was, she was incredibly agile in running from her bed to the window. The sky was already a crimson shade. As there wasn't much of a view from her standpoint, she quickly changed and rushed out the door. She sprinted down the street to where the explosion had taken place. There was quite a mess to clean up. The train, jumped by the explosion of the tracks, had crashed into several homes. Cynthia shuddered to think how many people had been killed just minutes ago. 
      Cynthia walked closer to the burning remains of the tracks. She could hear sirens wailing. Somebody had called the cops. She analyzed the damage, three houses were completely decimated, and four more stood with considerable damage. She took as good of a look as she possibly could, taking it all in, before the police could come and seal the area off. But it was too late. Five police cars pulled up, as well as two ambulances. Cynthia's prediction rang true. They immediately set up yellow tape around the area, sealing it off. Cynthia sat on a curb, watching the area slowly become all the more restricted, and yet all the more populated. 
      She would stay there up until about 6:00. She already knew that. But she didn't have to work until 10:00, so she was covered. She worked at a bookstore down on McLoughlin Blvd. She was a worker in the back, doing all the pricing and ordering. She didn't have very much to do throughout the day, but she was paid well, so she was satisfied. 
      Cynthia was distracted by the sound of footsteps coming from directly behind her. 4 siblings were walking towards her. The one brother, by the looks of him, was around 17. His blond hair stood out from what he was wearing: Natural jeans, a dark sweater, and worn converse shoes. Two of his three sisters were obviously younger than him. One looked to be about 15, while the other around 13. The older sister looked to be approximately 20, with darker blond hair, and wearing a brown leather coat. 
      The brother walked up to Cynthia. 
"Excuse me," he said, "do you know what's happening here?" She shook her head.
"I got here around 3:30. The train had already taken out multiple homes. I don't really know the details..."
"Okay..." he turned away towards his older sister. she pointed out something to him. 
"Well, thank you anyways..." They walked closer to the scene.
      Cynthia watched them as they approached one of the police officers and began to speak to him. The officer pointed out a couple things to them, but then turned them away. They walked back up to her, The older sister spoke this time. 
"So it looks like they're suspecting a bombing... The police have 7 bodies on their hands..."
"How did you manage to gather all that from him? They've been turning me away constantly for the past 2 hours..." 
"He's a friend of ours," said the second sister. "But really, I'm actually surprised we got that much from him...." 
"I see..." she said as she stood. "Well, I'm Cynthia." she extended a hand. The 4 took it in turn.
"I'm Raphael," said the brother
"Rose," said the oldest sister.
"Elaine," said the next oldest sister
"Adalia," said the youngest.
"Wow... Your parents certainly weren't simple when they named you, were they?" Cynthia gave a slight chuckle. She turned again towards the blazing fire, slowly being extinguished. Her smile faltered. 
"My house is just up few blocks away, would you like to get inside?" Cynthia offered.
"No, thank you," said Raphael.
"We honestly don't live too far away, we'll be fine," said Adalia.
"Actually, we should be getting home," said Elaine to her siblings. "We weren't supposed to be gone too long..."
"You're right," said Raphael, "We should be getting home." 
"Thank You, though," said Rose.
They turned and walked up the hill.
Cynthia was alone again.

Okay, so I know it's really kind-of "matter-of-fact-ish" right now, but I intend to edit this sometime. But It's kind-of late, And I need to get going. So I'll put up the poll. And I sayeth to thee, goodnight!


  1. :D I know I know who wrote the song! :D

    Great beginning! I can't wait to read more! :D

  2. i bet there won't be no owl city songs in the dance this time huh? hahaha. :P but you know...the fact that my toe surgery is on that same friday...going to a game night where i'd be sitting and playing games sounds alot more safe then going to a dance and feeling left out of everything heh. so i'm kindof glad that they're doing the game night the same time as the dance. :P

    and yeah...i've been told i talk differently on chat then in person too. i think everybody does. :P

  3. The post seems to have done much more than inspire you to write this little bit of story. :D

    I'm interested to see what KA is like from your perspective.

  4. I can't believe I forgot to comment on this one >.< :P

    That's awesome!!!! :D :D

    There is my epic comment. Epic isn't it? ;D