Thursday, January 26, 2012

Au Revoir!

      Every day as I open the blogger page for my daily 'check to see if anyone's posted anything today', I see the title of my blog. Nearly every day, I feel guilty when I see the title of my blog, because I feel I have a commitment to post on a regular routine, and I know I'm not living up to that.

      Now I'm ridding myself of the guilt.
      By ridding myself of the self-appointed commitment.

      So, today marks the first day of my blog-abandonment period. You may ask, "Why even make a post on this? He's already basically abandoned the blog.." This is true. Even the last few posts I've done were basically because I felt bad for having not posted for so long. If posting in this blog has become more frustration than enjoyment, it's probably time to take a break.

      The main reason I want to make a post on this is because I've seen many people with blogs take a break without prior notice. I'll check these inactive blogs near daily, hoping for something to come up, and still nothing comes.
      So I'm making a post so that nobody is consistently checking this blog, hoping for something to come up.

And so I say goodbye to this blog for the time being.

Farewell, dear readers!

Until next time...

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