Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pt. 1 of Ch. 2: Spades and Shafts

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                                                                            Pt. 1

                   Who killed Mike? A rumor arose throughout the city that a drunkard committed suicide while driving and was found in a ditch, but Josiah knew better, no gun was found in the car, nor any trace of alcohol. On the other hand, a bullet-hole was found in the windshield.
                    The death of Mike made Josiah's life much harder, not only did he have no ride to work in the mornings and had to walk, but he also took to investigating the murder. For the first time, he paid no attention to magic. This made a noticeable change in his personality and physical appearance, as no longer studying magic, he did not have the silent and menacing personality, nor the tired and stretched appearance.
                    He continually made trips to the police department for any update on Mike's murder. He probably came across as a nuisance to the police at the department, but he didn't care, the only thing in the world he cared about was finding Mike's murderer. Only one thing did not occur to him, he may have had to use magic to find the killer. He continually pestered the police for any information, but since they had none to give, he was continually disappointed. Although, one day, they found something interesting. Mike had left a will. As Mike had no family, and had left everything to Josiah, his house, his money, everything in his possession became Josiah's. Josiah progressed from a lonely, lost boy with nothing to a man with everything.
But even this did not lighten his spirits. But suddenly a thought occurred to him, he hoped upon hopes that he would find what he needed.
                    And so he began his magic once more.