Tuesday, September 6, 2011

School is back! (Lively Tuesday)

      School has returned. crap. okay. So! now it's back to getting up at 7:00, getting ready for school, going to school, being at school for 7 hours, coming home, then doing another 3-5 hours of school, depending on where you are in school. It might take even longer. But!! due to the fact that Lively Tuesdays are, in fact, on a school day, they may become very scarce now.  especially since the weeks are gonna be pretty boring. So this actually might be my last one for a while. So read this with much enthusiasm, as I try to muster up as much bravado as I can for the following words.

My Last week was absolutely fantastic! I did nothing last Tuesday, and I did nothing on Wednesday. Thursday was my last day working for Sam, at least for this year. Friday didn't have much, but at night, we went to the official Book Signing for Roseanne E. Lortz(Spears)'s new novel, Road to the West, book one of the Chronicles of Tancred.

On Saturday I went to my brother David's house to do some much needed (and appreciated!) yardwork. After that, I went to Katy's house to watch the next episode of Doctor Who (which, by the way, was thoroughly terrifying). Then I acted creepy for the rest of the night. On Sunday we had a family Dinner with a few special guests! (Peter Mahar, Aaron and Brenda Kulbe, Frank, Maria, and Winona Bernard, Jon Hangartner, Jordan Prentice, Nick Fukuda, Tabby, and Shabba.)

On Monday we had another barbecue, which, needless to say, was not nearly as entertaining. (I hope that isn't offensive to anyone.)

And Today is Tuesday. The first day of school. It was pretty easy I suppose, considering how much tougher I thought it was going to be as compared to last year. In fact, today was even enjoyable, especially since fish ride bicycles! And West Linn is hell apparently, too... But okay! That was my day! I hope you savored my last words.

Also, I should offer you an apology, It's been a very long time since I last posted for 'The Magician's Hand'. So, I'll just let you know that I am in the process of finishing up the next part. I'll try to have it up soon. Twin, on the other hand, has gone nowhere, and I'm even considering taking the page down. I'll try to work on it some more if you've been anxiously awaiting for the first chapter to come out, but if you don't really care, I'll just take it down. So check the poll!

But for now, I say Adios, amigos!