Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pt. 2 of Ch. 1 "Clubs and Hammers"

                                                                              Pt. 2

               This situation reminded him of the house fire those years ago that had destroyed his family when he was 13. Soon after this incident he felt grievance for the boy which he had despised. The reason for this sadness was no less than remorseful nostalgia, he was suddenly filled up with it no more than 5 minutes after the death. This feeling didn't last, by the next morning, his feelings of remorse were gone. In its place, that old feeling of isolation returned and filled him to the brim. He was a cup, the feeling was the drink, and the cup tipped over due to overfilling. Josiah fell into a rage, a rampaging beast, a juggernaut, anything that stood in the way of this animal was obliterated. There were a few more disappearances, but Josiah was swift, and few of the adults suspected him. But Josiah's rage became uncontrollable, and he left the orphanage, he headed home. He knew not the way, he probably wouldn't even know if he was heading the complete opposite direction. It was a lonely road, a long and winding trail that seemed to lead nowhere.
                But soon enough, he came across a town, he went to the nearest building and asked for directions. It was here that he was finally told that he was in a completely different state. As soon as he was outside range of the town, he curled into a ball and wept. He pulled out a blanket to keep himself warm, and the idea suddenly hit him. A light flickered from a street light in the town as he pulled the blanket over himself, and that was the last he ever saw of the town.
                His plan worked, his calculations were correct. By the count of 3, he was lying in the ashes of his old home. Here he slept. The night passed slowly and painfully, he was back in a populated and noisy zone. The next morning he was awoken by a prodding with a club, the sun was bright enough in his eyes that he at first could not see who it was, but it was obvious enough that it was a policeman.
                He was taken to a jailhouse, the officers disputed over what to do with him until it was finally concluded that (since Josiah spoke so strongly about returning to the orphanage) he would work at a mining camp at the outskirts of the city.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pt. 1 of Ch. 1 "Clubs and Hammers"

                                                                              Pt. 1

          Tyler. That was his name, the name of the biggest bully at the orphanage. His persecution of Josiah earned him rather many punishments, most of which came from Josiah himself. Punishments could range anywhere from something odoriferous planted in Tyler's bed to his hand being changed into a chicken's head for the rest of the day (which was quite a shock.) All this could be done with a simple wave of the hand. But instead of relenting from his bullying, Tyler's hatred of Josiah only grew...
          And so Josiah began to work on a new trick, this he called "Duplication." As the name suggests, this trick would "duplicate" the targeted object. But, obviously enough, by doing the reverse process, you would get the opposite of the desired effect, eradication. Which is why this trick had to be done by a very punctilious person, otherwise the result could go very wrong. It was for this reason that Josiah never performed this trick on human beings.
           But it just so happened that one day, Tyler was trying to mess with Josiah's paraphernalia, and, after catching him in the act, Josiah resorted to the trick he had never intended to use: "Duplication." But, in his anger, Josiah forgot his tendencies of carefulness, and so brought about a horrifying result. Tyler had disappeared, and was never found...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Due Date of Ch. 1: "Clubs and Hammers"

So my apologies everyone, I had said that this Saturday (tomorrow) I would post Ch. 1 of my book, but I barely have enough to be a chapter, plus I am going to see a movie with some friends tomorrow,, and so I don't think It will be posted tomorrow, maybe Pt. 1/5. But I only have a page written, which is not enough. I might have enough written to post on Thursday next week, but until then, I will leave you in suspense...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(No Subject.)

If I were to say 2+2=5, what is the first thing that would pop into your head? If you are like me, you would think "Radiohead!!! Yes!!!" But I highly doubt there is anyone else who would do that...
So my apologies, yesterday I was excessively weird, and was allowed on the computer, that was a bad decision... And so, I had said my next post would be about how I hate flies when they fly around my face and buzz when I am trying to concentrate? Although I really do hate it when flies buzz around my face when I am trying to concentrate, this is not the main subject of this post.

And so the main reason I am writing this is to tell you how much I regret the last post, although really you should read This Blog... Although the road the blog had meant to take has gone down a different path, I'm guessing it will still be enjoyable to read...

And so I am considering coming up with a logo for my band (one-man-band) Wide Eyed Eclecticism. Every good band should have a logo, right?? And so I ask myself, should it be something music-note related, like the name on a fret board, or a small piano with each key another letter? or should I do something completely different, such as the name enclosed in a shape, such as a block like this one:

You could imagine that, couldn't you?

Anyways, I'm debating over which I should choose. So if you have a preference, or even a new idea, either comment, or send me a Facebook message! Thanks!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The most Lame post yet that you should still read because it includes a link to a post that isn't quite so lame...

So this Friday I'm going to see Harry Potter 7 with some friends (FOR FRED!!!!) (clears throat) (FOR FREE!!!) anyways, that wasn't even why I made this post,  the one thing IN PARTICULAR  that I meant to say was... >>>>BUM, BUM, BUM<<<<
Yes, I will eventually tell you... Sorry, I woke up too late today so I feel weird...
Anyways I was asked earlier today If I had found my camera yet, and my answer was: "Yes, I thought I posted that I found it, hmmm..." well anyways, yeah I found my camera. If you are laughing at this post, or even thinking it is funny without really laughing, don't. It's actually a really stupid post. Let me rephrase that: A really, really stupid post. I just wanted to use a comma somewhere in there...
Anyways, I have no more time to take up your time with carrying on the nothing in particular, and so it is time to come to the one thing  IN PARTICULAR.
which happens to be...:
A new blog. Also known as (don't use aka, it looks too much like gaga)


Dad just got me a new calender for 2011, it was very nice of him, he walked in the door and handed me a calender full of pictures of cool cars. Very, very nice...


I told you I was feeling weird today... perhaps you can now see why...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Magician's Hand - Prologue

            So Shay once told me that I should do what Daniel's doing, and post my story while I write it, I finally followed her up on that and here is the prologue for the book I will reveal as mine. (Please post comments, observations or questions.)

               It was summer vacation, for some. Most children would play and rejoice at being out of school, but not him. He was still being put to toil, his name was Josiah. He was 12 years old at this time, and had little (if any) education, and yet, he was the smartest on the street. Coming from a poor family, he did not have a school to go to, but yet he could do mathematics just as well as a senior in college. Also, he could bedazzle anyone with a flick of the hand, for with a flick of the hand, anything small could appear. Not only did he do this naturally, as he did, but once this ability was realized, he started studying it. And after studying extensively the art of magic tricks, he began to invent his own.
               He had 2 siblings: an older sister, Mary-Ann, who was 15, and a younger brother, Brian who was 7. As much as he loved his family, He isolated himself from them to study magic. He would soon come to regret this. The next year, the year of 1997, Josiah was 13, and his family perished in a house fire.
               He was sent to the orphanage, for he had no close relatives. He never quite grew comfortable at the orphanage, even with how kind the other children could be. With no family, still no education, and now, no friends, magic became his only love.
               And so it became an addiction, like a drug he could never stop taking. Every day there was a new trick to be made. By the age of 14, he knew over 500 tricks. Each one was sleek, there was not a single one that anyone could figure out.
               This fact made him many enemies in the orphanage, even with how tough the others could be, Josiah would always outsmart them using tricks, especially a trick he called "Teleportation." How this trick worked was, and never can be, revealed, but the effect was shocking. He would throw a blanket over the offender, and by the count of 3, they could be on the complete other side of the building. It was not long before people started to cease to believe him a trickster, and start to believe him, not only a trick magician, but a true magician, with true power...

To be continued on Saturday, Nov. 20, with "Ch. 1: Clubs & Hammers"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Weather / The Blue Man Group

So somewhat recently I learned of a new band called "A Weather" I came across this group while searching weather history in Oregon (I was very scientific about tornadoes that day.) Well anyways, I've been listening to them quite a bit recently, and if you are on facebook, or rather, friends with me on facebook, you would have heard about them by now.
Anyways, I really enjoy this band and they are a high influence on some of my more recent songs. Also, I notice that there are very few bands that sound quite like this group, except for maybe the Decemberists.
I would highly recommend this band were it not for their tendency to sing inappropriately at times.
But hey, the Decemberists are one of my very favorite bands, so what can I say there?

Another band I have been listening to a lot lately is a not well known group (like A Weather) called "The Blue Man Group" The beat from their song "Persona" has been driving me insane and is probably the beat for at least 2 new songs of mine by now. Although, that beat is super amazing... This group amazes me with their strange ideas for instruments that they use as drums (or rather, percussion.) For example: A piano on it's side with the top off, this has been used, also they used some sort of pipe for many, many other songs, especially a song called "Drumbone." I would recommend this group if you don't have youngsters that are afraid of blue people.

But anyways, tomorrow is Sunday and it's getting late, sleep has become a great blessing in the time of getting up every morning at 6:30, and I have to get in my daily favorite song down in my book without waking Joshua, so I must go to bed.

Good Night!

Goal of the blog

So Benny got another blog yesterday, somewhat of a surprise to me considering that my words were what made him choose to do so, here's a link to it:

Anyways, he brought me back to what I first intended to do with this blog, he reminded me that I had a goal.
Although many of you may not like it all that much... I sort of touched on my goal a little while ago with my post: "Music."
My Mom has said this to me many many times over the years, and it starts to make quite a bit of sense when I hear the stuff many kids out there listen to nowadays: "There's music, and then there's noise."
I will try to help good songwriters and book writers to realize this and improve their style into what I believe is right.
This was said by a friend a while ago: "It's hard to find a good book, because it seems all the authors out there have been becoming weak writers, there isn't anyone quite like C. S. Lewis, or J. R. Tolkien, or even Lloyd Alexander, who were great authors. All the authors nowadays just make up a story and write it down, they have nothing involved with it, like religion, or theology. Nowadays it's just somebody makes up a story and tries to make it sound as cool as it can, which could be done by a 5 year old."
This sort of made me see the path I was going down with my books, and it will greatly improve my books no doubt. I can only try and make it help you as well...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


So I might have forgotten to mention a while ago, but a long time ago (like 2-3 months) I lost a nice pair of brown shoes... Well guess what? I have a suspicion That I have not been able to find them because Dad thought they were his and started using them (considering we wear the same size shoes...) Well anyways, I just found them...

So yesterday, Mom had somehow lost her small, blue crochet hook. It was somehow so hidden that even Benny and I couldn't find it when Mom said there was a reward for the person who found it. Somehow, Dad has better eyes than both Me, Benny, and even Mom, because he found it in like 3 minutes...  
And so Dad got the reward, which turned out to be a container full of Chocolate covered almonds.

So after that I finished my math homework, did the dishes, then after that I had the privilege to watch the new episode of Psych, which was AWESOME... actually, it wasn't exactly the best I've ever seen, but it was still pretty fun...

And so I am going to be bored today, I get to clean my room, then I have the rest of the day to do nothing.
I would keep writing and make this a really long post, but I am running out of ideas to write about...

So I suppose I'll see you later in life... if that... depending on who's reading this.
Anyways, I'm just going to end this here.

See ya!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Uncle Richard's visit

So just recently My parents decided to have Uncle Richard and Aunt Linda over for a game of cards...
Uncle Richard, being a part of a band, had before let me borrow one of his guitars for a while.

But when he just came over a couple days ago, he decided to let me borrow a new guitar, which in my opinion has much better tone and quality, (leaving out the fact that the other one had a whammy pedal)

So somehow I lost my camera, it's very frustrating... It's not where I left it, nor anywhere else I could have left it. So is someone happens to see a small silver camera that looks like this: 

I would be very grateful if you could return it to me...

But now I have to go to school, so...

See you later!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Tagged (again)

1. Who are your role models? 
I've answered this question before i think... I'm pretty sure I said the future me...

2. If you could spend one day with someone who is dead, who would it be? 

My Grandmother, she was really nice... :(
3. Favorite book(s) besides the Bible? 

Either the 100 Cupboards series, or the Binding of The Blade series...

4. What is the background picture on your computer?
Technically it's not my computer, but the background for Dad's computer is a family photo from Leah's wedding 

5. Favorite tool, be it a pencil, whisk, or sawzall(however you spell that :-p):  
Can I say a pen...? 

6. Favorite verse or passage of the Bible? 
Benny told me about this verse a while ago:
Ecclesiastes 7: 2-4
and Isaiah 57: 1-2 

7. Country or city, and why?  
Not sure, probably Evans Colorado (named after my great, great, great grandfather) 

8. Favorite song to dance to? 
Honestly, I'm not sure how many times I've said it... I. Don't. Dance.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tag Post continued...

 I've been tagged again... 1. what's your favorite article of clothing? I'm not quite sure I understand this question...  2. Favorite games? (boardgame, card game, etc.) I really like President (a card game) 3. favorite season of the year and why Winter, I love the snow...
4. a favorite dream you remember  I barely ever have any dreams, and can't recall any at the moment   5. If you could be an animal what would it be and why?  I would be a wolf, because wolves are awesome...   6. What did you say you wanted to grow up as when you were little? I can recall saying I wanted to be 2 things: a policeman and a superhero
7. a favorite injury and it's story I have a scar on my left hand that I got when climbing a basketball pole, My hand got stuck and I had to wrench it out, the rip was so deep I could see the bone...   8. a favorite childhood memory.I'm not sure...  I can't think of many right now... 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tag Post

I realize that I did this wrong a while ago (sorry Elisa) so since Shayleen tagged me, I have the chance to do it right:

1. Right off the top of your head, what is your favorite song of the moment?
Not quite sure, either A Quiet Mind by Blue October or Is It Any Wonder by Keane

2. If you could visit another time period, what would it be and where would you go?
I would visit  the very first day of creation at the Garden of Eden, meeting God would be pretty awesome,
an angel with a flaming sword as well...

3. What is a guilty pleasure of yours?
I think I've answered this question before... but yeah, my earlier answer was stupid, I'll take Shay up on this one: I will stab people with a pen if they annoy me enough...

4. What is the most exciting thing you have done or will do this week?
I don't know, probably playing Heroes with Jonny...

5. A line from a song that you find meaningful: "Give me a quiet mind, and I, I'll love you" Blue October  6. What is a quality that you most respect in another person?The ability to create meaningful lyrics 
7. Do you play an instrument?
Yes: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Violin, and hopefully sometime soon, Cello  8. Where would you most like to take a vacation at?I would really like to go to Crater Lake sometime...  My Questions:

1: If you could go anywhere on the earth for a whole day without any cost, where would it be?
2: If you could go to any concert, whose would it be?
  3: Which famous actor/singer would you most like to meet?  4: What is one item that you would very much like to purchase?   5: What is (or was) your favorite school subject?   6: If you could stop production of anything, what would it be?   7: Who should mow the lawn? (hint, hint Benny, hint, hint)   8: What is a lifetime occupation that you would most like to pursue? 

And I Tag...:
ElisaShayBenny  Katy

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm not quite sure what to call this post, as I don't yet know what I'm about to write, something about music I'm sure... It has come to my attention the music that people listen to nowadays, and I must stress to you how important it is that we, as faithful Christians (assuming that's what all of you are...), must put a stop to this!
If I may mention a few outstanding names that I would highly recommend discouraging, it would be:
(although I hate to even include these names in one of my posts)
~Miley Cyrus
~Jonass Brothers
~Lady Gaga (gag)
And many, many, more...
If I were to encourage music there would be an immeasurable list, but some of the music even I listen to is not the most decent of bands...
            Now I feel like writing about my favorite bands...

Muse has been my favorite band since I was 5 or 6, anyways, a long time, but it recently came to my attention how apocalyptic they are, although still my favorite band, they are partly depressing...

Radiohead employs a wide variety of different styles of music, chiefly soft rock. As my brother's favorite band and one of Mr. Tuuri's favorite bands I feel obliged to say a lot about them, but for the sake of keeping this post at least somewhat short, I will not say any more.

The Decemberists:
Try saying that, if you are at all like me, you will find it difficult to enunciate the last bit...
Anyways, The Decemberists are an indie rock group from Oregon (smiley face) that I would regard as one of the most depressing groups that I know...

I am only going to post 3 for now, after all... 3 is my favorite number... But I have to go to the Library and take care of my overdue item...

See you later!