Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 2: Section 3

      Jordan ran at a full sprint to the door that he knew lead to his cellar. The place he knew was where the bombs were forged. The door was wide open. He cursed under his breath. He ran to his living room couch, and pulled a small pistol from under the cushions. He ran back to the cellar door and snuck slowly down the stairs, but pressed himself roughly against the wall of the stairwell when he heard a small rattle from below. He heard small voices speaking.
      "What the hell, Bob? We came here to get money, not to find a serial killer!"
      "Jim, don't you see what this is? Police have been looking all over the place for the man that blew the train. It's no slight coincidence that only a day after the train was blown, we find a house where there's makings of bombs."
      "Bob! What if it only is that? A coincidence! What if this is a college student's science project or something?"
      "Jim, this isn't any toy." Jordan heard something being picked up and shaken.
      "Jim, you look confused; so I'll explain. This here is TNT extract. A college wouldn't give a student anything truly explosive. And this here: in this little jar here? It's pure sodium. Don't you know what that means?"
      "The dude likes salt?"
      "Idiot...  When pure sodium comes in contact with water, it creates a rather large explosion. From what I'm seeing here, it looks like he created some sort of timed contraption which would bring the sodium and water into contact with each other at a designated time."
      "Okay, that sounds slightly possible, but where did you learn all this?"
      "I took a science class, which explains the sodium knowledge. But do you remember when I was studying to become a police officer?"
      "Yeah? What about it?"
      "When I was studying for the test, I had to learn about how to create bombs so that I would know how to disarm them."
      "Oh yeah... you told me about that..."
Jordan heard more clattering then heard footsteps coming directly towards his position. Jordan grabbed the railing and jumped forwards exactly on time. He landed on one of the two people, and aimed the pistol directly at the other.
      "Get back," he said, a fire burning in his eyes.
The thief did so reluctantly, his face glistening with fear.
      "Who's this?" Jordan asked.
      "That's.... Ji... Jeremy..."
      "Don't lie to me, fool. His  name is Jim."
Jordan aimed the pistol at Jim and pulled the trigger. Jim's body went limp.
      "Or rather, it was."
Bob crumbled to the floor, tears beginning to stream from his face.
      "Well, lets see," Jordan kicked Jim's body off to the side of the room. "You know who I am, and you were gonna report me. Let Jim serve as an example of what will happen to you if you tell anyone."
      "But you just murdered him! There's no way you can get away with this!"
      "Well, if I remember correctly, the Constitution gives the permission to protect yourself accordingly, especially in the case of a thief in your home."
Bob backed into the corner of the room.
      Jordan walked to Bob, picked him up by his collar, and hit him on the head with the pistol in his hand. Bob fell to the floor, unconscious. Jordan lifted Bob onto his shoulders and carried him up the stairs, out of his house, and to his neighbors home. The neighbors weren't there, and he knew how to sneak into their house. He did so, and unlocked their front door. He called the police and waited on the front porch.
      The policeman arrived. Jordan told them how the thief had broken into his home, and how he (himself) had acted out of self-defense.
      The officer took the unconscious body and thanked Jordan, saying that they had been trying to catch a thief, and that Bob matched the description.
      The police officer drove away, and Jordan entered his neighbors home. He locked the front door, and snuck back out of the house. He went back to his cellar, and threw a sheet over the body. He took a large black garbage bag and dumped his small bomb particles into it. He stuck the bag in the corner of the room, and left the cellar, locking the door behind him. He let his body fall on his couch and sighed deeply.
      Finally he stood and looked out the window. The sky was clouded, and Jordan predicted rain within the next half-hour.
      It didn't take long, the rain began, and Jordan collapsed in on himself. Jordan slumped onto the floor, tears flooding from his eyes, pain haunting him.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look who's finally back!

Would the words "I'm sorry" properly account for the un-excused absence from my blog, and all those story parts that should have been posted?
I didn't think so.

Well, I'm sorry anyways. To be honest, I was almost afraid of coming back to my blog. Since I didn't feel as though it would have been right had I pretended nothing had happened and go along normally, I decided to give you this post instead of the next story part. I'll try my best to get you the next story part tomorrow.

This next picture is an attempt to blow you all back to the happy times of blogging wherein there is no unexcused absences.

As you all very-well know, my absence took place over the course of Christmas break. The school I go to,  King's Academy, gave us 3 weeks of break. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I noticed this blogger do a Christmas recipient list, so I decided to do my own. Fun? No? just scroll down then, there's more to come.

1: 3 CD's two from my parents, one from my brother and his wife.
This one ^ is from Sam and Sarah

Awesome, right?

2: I also got 100 CDs (blank) from my sister Leah and her husband, Ryan.

3: I got a very nice brown sweater from my parents, but I couldn't find a picture, so you'll have to go without.

4: I also got this:

A pen engraved with my initials from a friend. (Friends, more often than not, remain nameless on this blog.)

5: A pack of gum:

in other words, about 8 of those.

6: A tiny frying pan:
Yeah, really, about that small.

7: 2 seasons of comedy, including:


7: 14 volumes of 'A Medical and Health Encyclopedia.' It was apparently meant to just disguise the rest of my present, but I don't know... I think my Mom wants me to be a doctor or something...

It's not the exact same thing as that, but it's close enough... 

8: Getting to watch Benny open this:

The original present (Herodotus) was stuck in a small paper bag. That paper bag was stuck into a wooden box, which was nailed shut. That box was then stuck into yet another wooden box, which was screwed shut. (Box-ception!) That wooden box was then put into a cardboard box, which was wrapped with duct-tape. That cardboard box was then disguised as a happy little (big) present to open by wrapping it with happy wrapping paper. :) 

Needless to say, the present was given to Benny by my brother Sam and I.
The expression on Benny's face when he saw the second wooden box = priceless.

9&10: An ornament, and candy.

Fun stuff, eh?


As a transition out of the Christmas phase of the post, enjoy this picture:

See this blog, here? and here? the authoress of these two blogs is hosting a fundraiser dance (although you don't have to pay, it would be appreciated.) The dance is taking place this Friday at Reformation Covenant Church. It should be pretty awesome. 

Again, I'll hopefully have a post up tomorrow, look forward to it!

Over and out.