Thursday, January 26, 2012

Au Revoir!

      Every day as I open the blogger page for my daily 'check to see if anyone's posted anything today', I see the title of my blog. Nearly every day, I feel guilty when I see the title of my blog, because I feel I have a commitment to post on a regular routine, and I know I'm not living up to that.

      Now I'm ridding myself of the guilt.
      By ridding myself of the self-appointed commitment.

      So, today marks the first day of my blog-abandonment period. You may ask, "Why even make a post on this? He's already basically abandoned the blog.." This is true. Even the last few posts I've done were basically because I felt bad for having not posted for so long. If posting in this blog has become more frustration than enjoyment, it's probably time to take a break.

      The main reason I want to make a post on this is because I've seen many people with blogs take a break without prior notice. I'll check these inactive blogs near daily, hoping for something to come up, and still nothing comes.
      So I'm making a post so that nobody is consistently checking this blog, hoping for something to come up.

And so I say goodbye to this blog for the time being.

Farewell, dear readers!

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


      Have you ever had a dream that completely changed your view of life? I don't know how often dreams affect the person seeing them, but it happens. I just had a dream like that. This dream completely changed my view of things, and not necessarily for the better.

"Suddenly all my hopes come crashing down around me from the sky like boulders engulfed in flame. I then get crushed by a particularly large one and the only way it seems I can survive is to lift this final boulder back up."

Getting through the depression caused by the dream was incredibly tough, and I probably wouldn't have been able to do it were it not for two incredibly amazing people. You all remember Raquel, authoress of God's daughter? How about Julia, authoress of Glimpsing Uncertainty and nearly two novels of her own? Without these two, I don't know where I would be. Due to a simple bad dream, I nearly gave up everything I cared about. All my hopes were simply crushed, these including the longing to become everything I ever wanted to be: an author, a musician, a friend. Not only was I brought back from abandoning everyone, including you, my readers; but I nearly gave up my one constant joy: music.

There's a scene in the movie 'August Rush' (which I plan to do a review on very soon) wherein Louis says to August, "You never quit on your music, no matter what happens. Because anytime something bad happens to you, it's the one place you can escape to and just let it go. I learned that the hard way; and anyways, look at me. Nothing bad's gonna happen. You gotta have a little faith." The lines make a lot more sense when put in context of the movie, but when I heard those words again they spoke to me in a new way.

Thankfully, I can say I have regained my love for music.
Hopefully, I will never lose that again. Given the circumstances of me blasting music in my ears whilst writing this post, It doesn't look like it'll be going away anytime soon.

I've learned something through this: dreams will affect you, of that there is no doubt, but don't let them change who you are. I succumbed to that for about 2 days, and I wasn't changed for the better.

Dreams - The Cranberries

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions.

It's the first post of the year over here at Keyboards and Pens, Music and Writing... So I decided (a bit late, I know) to do this! I noticed a lot of these going around through multiple blogs, so I decided to jump to it and do my own.
(note:  these are not in order of importance)

1~ Read and study the Bible on a much more regular, if not daily, basis.

2~ Succeed with a certain group that will remain un-named for now.

3~ Write more often, including with this blog.

4~ Restrain myself more, including keeping myself from outbursts of anger.

5~ Speak when words need to be spoken, shut up and listen when better to shut up and listen.

6~ Be more diligent in school (related to #7)

7~ Less procrastination

8~ Put others needs before my own, and put a foot on the neck of my pride.

9~ Continue to write and improve my original music
9 and 1/2~ Find and take a chance to record my own music.

10~ Keep commitments that I have made, unless the opposite can't be avoided.

11~ Put a strainer over everything, and only take in what is good.

12~ Love those I hate, or, at least, try my best.

13~ Try to respect and spend more time with those I call my friends and family more than I have.

14~ Stop trying to live in the past, I'm only granted life in the present.

15~ Improve everything I have and do. (e.g.: writing, friendships, music, knowledge, faith, etc...)

That's it for now. If ever I want to add anything, I'll put it up there in the 'Resolutions' page.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Day!