(note: these are not in order of importance, with the exception of #1)

1~ Read and study the Bible on a much more regular, if not daily, basis.

2~ Succeed with a certain group that will remain un-named for now.

3~ Write more often, including with this blog.

4~ Restrain myself more, including keeping myself from outbursts of anger.

5~ Speak when words need to be spoken, shut up and listen when better to shut up and listen.

6~ Be more diligent in school (related to #7)

7~ Less procrastination

8~ Put others needs before my own, and put a foot on the neck of my pride.

9~ Continue to write and improve my original music
9 and 1/2~ Find and take a chance to record my own music.

10~ Keep commitments that I have made, unless the opposite can't be avoided.

11~ Put a strainer over everything, and only take in what is good.

12~ Love those I hate, or, at least, try my best.

13~ Try to respect and spend more time with those I call my friends and family more than I have.

14~ Stop trying to live in the past, I'm only granted life in the present.

15~ Improve everything I have and do. (e.g.: writing, friendships, music, knowledge, faith, etc...)