Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pt. 2 of Ch. 1 "Clubs and Hammers"

                                                                              Pt. 2

               This situation reminded him of the house fire those years ago that had destroyed his family when he was 13. Soon after this incident he felt grievance for the boy which he had despised. The reason for this sadness was no less than remorseful nostalgia, he was suddenly filled up with it no more than 5 minutes after the death. This feeling didn't last, by the next morning, his feelings of remorse were gone. In its place, that old feeling of isolation returned and filled him to the brim. He was a cup, the feeling was the drink, and the cup tipped over due to overfilling. Josiah fell into a rage, a rampaging beast, a juggernaut, anything that stood in the way of this animal was obliterated. There were a few more disappearances, but Josiah was swift, and few of the adults suspected him. But Josiah's rage became uncontrollable, and he left the orphanage, he headed home. He knew not the way, he probably wouldn't even know if he was heading the complete opposite direction. It was a lonely road, a long and winding trail that seemed to lead nowhere.
                But soon enough, he came across a town, he went to the nearest building and asked for directions. It was here that he was finally told that he was in a completely different state. As soon as he was outside range of the town, he curled into a ball and wept. He pulled out a blanket to keep himself warm, and the idea suddenly hit him. A light flickered from a street light in the town as he pulled the blanket over himself, and that was the last he ever saw of the town.
                His plan worked, his calculations were correct. By the count of 3, he was lying in the ashes of his old home. Here he slept. The night passed slowly and painfully, he was back in a populated and noisy zone. The next morning he was awoken by a prodding with a club, the sun was bright enough in his eyes that he at first could not see who it was, but it was obvious enough that it was a policeman.
                He was taken to a jailhouse, the officers disputed over what to do with him until it was finally concluded that (since Josiah spoke so strongly about returning to the orphanage) he would work at a mining camp at the outskirts of the city.


  1. Jail? He's just a boy! NO!
    Hurry up and finish the chapter, lol! I have to know what happens.

  2. I actually Haven't written anything after that yet... I should probably do that...

  3. Jail? Mining? Wow, poor kid. :P

  4. Ah... don't be so sure, remember, He's 15 and has already killed someone, you could probably just think off this as a reward for his actions...