Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look who's finally back!

Would the words "I'm sorry" properly account for the un-excused absence from my blog, and all those story parts that should have been posted?
I didn't think so.

Well, I'm sorry anyways. To be honest, I was almost afraid of coming back to my blog. Since I didn't feel as though it would have been right had I pretended nothing had happened and go along normally, I decided to give you this post instead of the next story part. I'll try my best to get you the next story part tomorrow.

This next picture is an attempt to blow you all back to the happy times of blogging wherein there is no unexcused absences.

As you all very-well know, my absence took place over the course of Christmas break. The school I go to,  King's Academy, gave us 3 weeks of break. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

I noticed this blogger do a Christmas recipient list, so I decided to do my own. Fun? No? just scroll down then, there's more to come.

1: 3 CD's two from my parents, one from my brother and his wife.
This one ^ is from Sam and Sarah

Awesome, right?

2: I also got 100 CDs (blank) from my sister Leah and her husband, Ryan.

3: I got a very nice brown sweater from my parents, but I couldn't find a picture, so you'll have to go without.

4: I also got this:

A pen engraved with my initials from a friend. (Friends, more often than not, remain nameless on this blog.)

5: A pack of gum:

in other words, about 8 of those.

6: A tiny frying pan:
Yeah, really, about that small.

7: 2 seasons of comedy, including:


7: 14 volumes of 'A Medical and Health Encyclopedia.' It was apparently meant to just disguise the rest of my present, but I don't know... I think my Mom wants me to be a doctor or something...

It's not the exact same thing as that, but it's close enough... 

8: Getting to watch Benny open this:

The original present (Herodotus) was stuck in a small paper bag. That paper bag was stuck into a wooden box, which was nailed shut. That box was then stuck into yet another wooden box, which was screwed shut. (Box-ception!) That wooden box was then put into a cardboard box, which was wrapped with duct-tape. That cardboard box was then disguised as a happy little (big) present to open by wrapping it with happy wrapping paper. :) 

Needless to say, the present was given to Benny by my brother Sam and I.
The expression on Benny's face when he saw the second wooden box = priceless.

9&10: An ornament, and candy.

Fun stuff, eh?


As a transition out of the Christmas phase of the post, enjoy this picture:

See this blog, here? and here? the authoress of these two blogs is hosting a fundraiser dance (although you don't have to pay, it would be appreciated.) The dance is taking place this Friday at Reformation Covenant Church. It should be pretty awesome. 

Again, I'll hopefully have a post up tomorrow, look forward to it!

Over and out.

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